What are managed services?
ServerSmith has been providing IT Support to small businesses since 1999. During this time we have put together a comprehensive list of best practices and the tools needed to support small to medium sized business networks. Managed Services are a defined set of services that monitor and maintain you IT and network devices such as PC’s and servers. Related services often include system security, data back-up and IT asset management. The idea here is that outsourcing your IT allows you to free up internal resources, get access to new technologies and often realize substantial savings.

Why choose managed services?
Many studies have shown that the average small to medium sized business loses thousands of dollars a year to ineffective IT spending, network downtime, lost productivity, security breaches and information theft based on a reactive approach to technology. ServerSmith takes a proactive approach to managing your IT and keeping your network running at optimal effectiveness and efficiency. By using our Managed Services your business will realize better network performance, reduced maintenance costs and greater visibility into your IT infrastructure by using our secure client web portal.

What is not covered by your Managed Service agreement?
Our managed service agreements are designed to improve your IT Services while lowering your support costs. The term “support” refers to the ongoing service and maintenance of the existing infrastructure and software. This includes support and helpdesk during standard business hours. Work done outside the managed service contract is billable and applicable to any NEW service (i.e. new workstation installation, major hardware and software upgrades, office moves). Of course, as a managed service client you will pay a reduced hourly rate for this work.

How long does it take to setup your Managed Service?
Generally we deploy our managed services within 2 weeks. Our process begins with a meeting of all parties involved. This may include the business owner, controller, office manager and perhaps the defacto computer person in your office. In this meeting our goal is to listen, ask questions and understand how IT functions in your business. At the end of our initial meeting, we will setup a time to perform a thorough assessment of your IT Infrastructure resulting in an executive report. Depending on the current condition of your network, we may have to bring the network up to an acceptable standard before we initiate or managed services.